"My goal as a nanny is to make each and every child that I work with feel heard, respected, safe, and cherished." - Rez

NOTICE: Rez is currently seeking full-time (35-45 hours / week) employment starting June 1st 2024 in Denver, CO, due to their previous nanny kid being placed in a school program. Their rate starts at $30/hr for one child, with guaranteed hours, PTO/sick pay, etc. Rez would prefer to stay within 10 miles of the Denver metro area but is open to a further commute for the right client. Please email nannyrez1@gmail.com with interest.

Nanny Rez

Rez (they/them) grew up in the SF Bay Area, California. They are the oldest in a family of eleven children, and therefore an early recruit in the childcare field. Thanks to Rez's unique upbringing, they developed strong skills as a caregiver. 

Rez's favorite modalities of childcare philosophy include Montessori, Waldorf, and RIE parenting. Rez believes in the capability of children, and strives to empower them by offering ample opportunities for growth, via developmentally appropriate scaffolding. Rez is a proponent of respectful care and gentle parenting. Rez believes in the Love and Logic method of related consequences, as well as empathy, communication and compassion. 

Rez has experience teaching babies basic ASL, baby led weaning, various methods of sleep training / sleep conditioning, and potty training. Rez's favorite activities to participate in with children include art-making, outdoor exploration, and imaginative play. Rez loves to find the magic in the mundane, such as turning a simple cardboard box into a castle. Rez does their best to instill a sense of curiosity, wonder and creativity in the youngsters they work with. They also love to provide enrichment through outings to places like the library, playgrounds, zoo, and more. Rez currently has memberships at DMNS, the Botanic Gardens and the Denver Zoo.

Rez is also an artist, working in acrylic on canvas as well as large scale murals. Rez sometimes accepts commissioned mural projects such as children's playrooms, patio spaces and accent walls. See more here: www.playspace.design

Professional Experience

Rez began working as a nanny in 2011, in Oakland CA. They worked with many first time parents, caring for infants and toddlers. Rez studied child development at Merritt college in Oakland. In 2017, they moved to Denver, CO and continued their career as a professional nanny. In Denver, Rez has provided care to multiple different families, as both a nanny and a family assistant.

Rez has also taught hands-on skills to elementary and middle school students at McGlone Academy, Kepner Beacon and Grant Beacon. Rez also facilitated arts education for students, including teaching mural-making to several different groups of young people. Read more about Rez's work as an arts educator here

Rez has also done work for clients with disabilities, and provided live-in care for an adult with a spinal cord injury for five years. They have also worked with folks with dementia, vision impairment, autism, and Down Syndrome. Rez is honored to work with clients living with disability and neurodiversity.

(Full resume here)

A tiny baby hand grasping the thumb of a much larger hand

"Rez's creativity, nurturing nature, empathy, and responsibility truly set them apart. As first-time parents, we had our fair share of anxieties, but Rez's respectful approach helped alleviate our concerns. Their exceptional communication skills allowed us to develop a strong level of trust and ensured that we were always well-informed about our child's well-being and daily activities." 

Read more from a recent letter of recommendation from one of Rez's families here.

Ongoing Education

Since childcare is an ever-evolving field, keeping up with the latest information is a priority to Rez. They achieve this by reading parenting books, studying coursework and staying connected within their community, both locally and globally.

The most recent parenting book that Rez finished (February 2024) was "How to Talk So Little Kids Will Listen (and Listen so Kids Will Talk)" by Joanna Faber & Julie King. Some of Rez's favorite elements of this book were the creative ideas to diffuse or avoid a tense situation, by leaning on playfulness. Rez likes to be ready for any challenges that arise, so that they may be the Prepared Adult that Maria Montessori recognized as so important to child-rearing.

In Spring of 2023, they completed Janet Lansbury's No Bad Kids master course. Rez really appreciated Janet's philosophy of the inherent good in every child, as well as her soft-spoken but firm approach of dealing with tough situations with kids. They also attended a virtual Q&A meeting later in the year that was hosted by the author, and was able to listen in on responses to real-world parenting situations.

 In summer 2021, Rez completed the foundational course with the nationally renowned Newborn Care Solutions. Thanks to this training, Rez was able to help a client identify a tongue tie in their six month old baby, which was something even their lactation consultant didn't consider to check as the culprit for a poor latch and reflux. In January 2023, Rez completed the Advanced NCS course, adding on with more detailed knowledge in the infant care field.

Rez stays up-to-date with the macrocosm of global nannying groups online, as well as the microcosm of their local caregiver peers. In the past year, they've helped establish a playgroup with like-minded nannies and parents. The group has been meeting weekly and reaping the multi-faceted benefits, including consistent social opportunities for both caregivers and children. Rez has learned so much from their nanny "co-workers" as well as other parents in this playgroup. It is their hope to continue to maintain this positive connection as they onboard with a new family in 2024.

Rez plans to attend International Nanny Training Day in Denver in April 2024.

Safety Protocols

Rez is ever-mindful of safety as their number one concern on the job. They have assisted parents with child proofing, and stay updated with their first aid / CPR certification (updating April 2024). Rez has saved a baby from choking by performing back blows during one of their first nanny jobs. While Rez hopes they never have to repeat that experience, they are confident in their ability to respond logically in an emergency. Rez is also committed to safe sleep practices, car seat safety, and vigilant awareness while in public spaces. 

Rez is a strong driver and has had their drivers license since 2006, with a clean driving record. They own a reliable vehicle and stay up to date on insurance and registration. Rez has previously done work through HopSkipDrive (rideshare service for kids), and passed rigorous screenings and background checks to be able to drive child passengers.

Rez is also vaccinated against COVID-19 and is happy to wearing a mask to work upon request, especially for clients with immune system challenges.

Denver Nanny Adventure Map

Rez created this map as a community resource, to share playspaces and points of interest. Feel free to email nannyrez1@gmail.com with feedback or to add a map point!

Contact Rez

Email nannyrez1@gmail.com to get in touch with Rez.

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